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Post  nimraiz on Fri Apr 30, 2010 11:12 am

We need to consider more members in our guild, which will mean we have to recruit non-friends. we have already counted in some "strangers" in our guild regarding PvP, but we need more active members for PvE. This is to make some more progress in ICC, because we have done 5 bosses, and that is quiet bad, since we have done our deal of ICC. We need to consider to atleast to take down ICC10, before my mom takes down the Blizzard crew with food poisoning. If we get more member we can start to consider 25-man, but that will only be done if we can get more than 15 active members, since we have always made our ICC 10 to take a lead of 3 to 5 random members. This will also suck out some of your life, which would be considered a small deal since we already have no life Razz

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